“It rains on average 180 days per year”

King Island has some of the cleanest air in the world, but thanks to strong westerly winds commonly known as the Roaring Forties, we’re battered by gales up to 200 km/h and some very wet weather. It can rain here more than 180 days per year and average annual rainfall at our headquaters in Currie is 850mm. Fortunately, most of this rain falls between April and October, which means we do occassionally get some time off from harvesting the precious Cloud Juice!

“A very expensive roof”

Harvesting rainwater isn’t an easy business and in the beginning we learnt by trial and error. First, we built a very expensive roof, really just an over-engineered 10 square metre catchment. However, as demand grew, we soon realised this was too small to keep up with production. Today our catchment facility, affectionately known as “The Roof” has grown to become a 400 square metre polycarbonate structure with stainless steel gutters and food-grade polyethylene tanks. Here’s how the process works:

  • Harvesting: the beautiful rain falls on The Roof and fills up the storage tanks.

  • Transport: the precious rainwater is filtered into an ISO bulk tank and transported to the bottling facility.

  • Filtering: the rainwater is carefully filtered and treated with ultraviolet light for extra food safety.

  • Bottling: each batch of water is lovingly filled and every Cloud Juice bottle is given a final polish before we pack it in its box.

    Cloud Juice is harvested and bottled in accordance with the Tasmanian and Australian Government health and safety regulations.