“9,750 drops of pure rainwater in every bottle”.

The subtle taste, mouthfeel and texture of bottled waters are determined by the minerals they contain. The amount of minerals dissolved in water is expressed as total dissolved solids (TDS), measured in milligrams per litre (mg/l). We’ve calculated there are 9,750 drops of pure rainwater, but only 45mg/l of minerals in each bottle of Cloud Juice. This super-low TDS makes Cloud Juice a uniquely young water with a very light taste compared to these leading mineral water brands:

  • Cloud Juice, Tasmania: TDS 45mg/l

  • Antipodes, New Zealand: TDS 130mg/l

  • Acqua Panna, Italy; TDS 188mg/l

  • FIJI Water, Fiji Islands: TDS 222mg/l

  • Hildon, England: TDS 312mg/l

  • Evian, France: TDS 357mg/l

  • Aqui-Live, Australia: TDS 1300mg/l

“The character of Cloud Juice changes with temperature…”

As a very low TDS water, Cloud Juice is comparable to white wines, with its clean, neutral taste and less weight. The character of Cloud Juice changes with temperature, from sweetly refreshing when chilled, to an elegant velvet when served at room temperature. Thus it is the perfect complement to light fish dishes, sushi, sashami and delicate vegetarian cuisine.

Its probably best appreciated on its own, but Cloud Juice makes a very special pot of delicate tea and is also the perfect drop to bring out the best in a fine whisky. And, as you drink it and experience its simplicity and lightness of touch, take a moment to imagine and become one with the clean, remote world from whence it came.

Remember, if you like ice with your water or whisky, then use Cloud Juice as your base to make the finest ice cubes.